Liberia’s Deputy Police Chief Owes Over US$ 20,000 in Child Support: Wanted By US Law Enforcement

Washington D. C- Deputy Police chief Abraham Kromah has been sued by his former wife Mrs. Fatima Bintu Sirleaf, for neglecting their children. In a bench warrant in possession of LibPolitics from the Probation Division, Child Support Enforcement in Union County, New Jersey, U.S.A, Mr. Kromah is on record for owing child support for the  children in the amount of US$ 20,278.47 for 2016.

The Probation officer in a letter to Mr. Kromah states: “The balance on your account is $20,278. The amount on the statement includes charges and payments posted as of 12/13/2016.”

“Payments received and posted after that date will be applied to your 2017 year activity. The amount due may include any amount subject to recovery because of insufficient funds or the recoupment of a misapplied payment. This amount may not equal amount to be reported on your tax return. We recommend you contact a tax advisor if you have any questions.”

Mr. Kromah and his former wife are embroiled in a bitter post divorce fight that is affecting the children as he is said to be holding back financial support from them because of differences with his former wife. This fight has landed the pair in court and Mr. Kromah abruptly left the United States for Liberia to take up a government position, while his former wife is left to fend for their children.

“We were married in 1994 and the marriage lasted 18 years; we have three kids, Gasim Kromah 21, Abraham Kromah 19 and Mariam Kromah 16. He has not paid me a penny since last February and I sued him in April,” said Fatima, who is now remarried.

Fatima has also accused Mr. Kromah of taking money that they both profited from the sale of their property in the U.S which accrued over US$50,000 in profit when he moved to Liberia to take up his job as a police official.

The pair who were married in the state of New Jersey, met when Fatima was only 17 and by age 25 she had had their third child.  The marriage was annulled in 2011 by the Superior Court of New Jersey.

“It is further ordered of the three children born of this marriage namely: Gasim Kromah, Abraham Kromah and Mariam Kromah ,” stated the court in its ruling granting both parents joint custody of the children.

The court also gave several properties belonging to both parties that are situated in the United States and Liberia to each of them. Kromah walked away with a property in Liberia while Fatima was left with two properties. The court requested that Kromah turned over all deeds to Fatima. The court also ordered Mr. Kromah to pay Fatima US$10,000 beginning January 1, 2012 at the rate of US$200 per month. The court further ordered Mr. Kromah to pay a portion of the plaintiff’s legal fees amounting to 3,600 at the rate of $200 per month.

When contacted, Mr. Kromah told LibPolitics that he has been regularly supporting his children and maintained that he has sent funds to his son, but did not provide evidence to that effect.

“My kids are my top priority, any woman who wants to do this, simply is looking for attention. My lawyers are contesting it,” he stated by mobile phone call from Monrovia. Mr. Kromah is deputy Police Inspector General for Operations in the current Police force.

Liberia and the United States does not have a Child Support Treaty so the U.S government cannot pursue anyone who owes child support to a U.S child. Mr. Kromah will have to come to the United States to meet his obligations to his children.








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