‘Quincy B. Did Not Have A Driver’s License’: LNP Indicts Musician’s Manager

Washington D.C- The Liberia National Police is holding Lewiz McCarthy liable for the death of the late Liberian superstar Quincy L. Burrowes or Quincy B. Quincy B met his untimely death in the fateful morning hours of March 3, 2017, when the vehicle he was driving hit a wall near the Monrovia City Hall. The wall shield’s the Pan African Plaza which houses the headquarters of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia.

Police sources have hinted LiBPolitics that the late singer did not have a driver’s license and was driving a vehicle registered in McCarthy’s name.  Police sources say McCarthy will face possible charges of manslaughter and criminal negligence among others. LNP sources say McCathy’s decision to give his car to someone who was not a registered driver is in violation of police motor vehicle regulations. McCarthy is being processed to court according to top police sources.

On the morning of his death, QB as some affectionately called him, was on his way back from a karaoke night he had earlier performed at with two other occupants in the vehicle. One of the other occupant, C.I.C or Margas Bimba sustained a broken leg and the other Feouls Kaba was hospitalized for minor injuries.

Thousands of Liberians turned out to bid the young singer who would have turned 21 this year a farewell during his funeral. Many described his untimely demise a huge loss to the budding Liberian music industry.

Many Liberians have also criticized the decision of the police to charge McCarthy with the death of a young man whose career he worked hard to advance.

“The Police is too less busy. A day or two ago, armed robbers visited and terrorized my neighborhood, R2 Community on the Roberts field highway. They better increase night time patrols and stop wasting state already limited resources on foolishness,” said journalist David Kolleh in reaction to the news on Facebook.

McCarthy speaking from the headquarters of the LNP following interrogation stated that his lawyer is looking into the matter and confirmed that the police is processing him for court. McCarthy also stated that he gave the vehicle to QB and has a Bill of sale signed by the late singer. He termed the police action to charge him for QB’s death as a unfortunate.

“It took the police 30 days to ask two occupants that were involved in the accident. I don’t want to go on claiming anything but I wasn’t there that night. I wasn’t part of the accident,” he stated in a live Facebook video. McCarthy is being processed and sent to court for what will be an unprecedented trial.


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  1. But How Will McCarthy Give Car To Some-one How Don’t Have Driving License That Alone Is A Crime Under The Vehicle And Traffic Law.

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