Sirleaf Appoints Boima S. Kamara As Finance Minister: Milton Weeks Becomes CBL Governor


Executive Mansion Release

MONROVIA- President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has appointed Deputy Central Bank Governor, Boima S. Kamara as Liberia’s new Finance Minister replacing Amara Konneh. Kamara is among a number of other appointments made by the President on Thursday affecting additional appointments affecting the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Central Bank of Liberia, General Auditing Commission and the Independent National Commission on Human Rights according to the Executive Mansion in Monrovia.

The Executive Mansion release lists those appointed as:

Central Bank of Liberia

Mr. Milton Weeks                           –        Executive Governor

Mr. Kolli Tamba                              –        Member, Board of Directors          

Mrs. Elsie Dossen Badio                –        Member, Board of Directors

Ministry of Finance & Development Planning

Mr. Boima Kamara             –        Minister

Dr. James Kollie will be taking a new position soon

Independent National Commission on Human Rights

Atty. Oretha Snyder Davis –        Commissioner

Atty. James Torh                    –    Commissioner


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rev. Jervis Witherspoon   –        Chief of Protocol (Replacing Mr. Charles Allen who goes into Diplomatic Service)

Mr. Emmanuel Munyeneh –        Assistant Minister for International Cooperation

General Auditing Commission

Mr. Adam Sheriff                            –        Deputy Auditor General – Assurance


Ministry of Internal Affairs

Sara K. Kullie                                  –        Mayor, Voinjama City, Lofa County

These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

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14 thoughts on “Sirleaf Appoints Boima S. Kamara As Finance Minister: Milton Weeks Becomes CBL Governor

  1. Thanks to Madam Srlirleaf for turning the Finace Ministry over to another Mandingo. At last all the Mandingos that Konneh packed in the Finace Ministry will feel secure. When leaders are not sensitive to tribalism, I wonder if they wish to see us go forward or slip back to where God has graciously taken us from. Don’t tell me about Kamara’s qualification; there are more qualified Liberians from other ethnic groups besides the Mandingos that Madam Sirleaf is nationally promoting.

    1. Jimmy Kouh, Boima Kamara is neither a Mandingo nor of the Islamic religion. Do not take the ethnic or religious sentiment to that level. Investigate before making conclusion. Out of every ten persons who read economics at the UL in the last 10 years, 5 – 6 are able to enlighten you about Mr. Kamara.

    2. Don’t mislead the people. He is not a mandingo man. He hails from Grand Cape Mount and he is a devout Christian and one who fears God.

    3. Jimmy you are direct replica of Dornald Trump . The only difference is that you are a Black Man and he is White . Why in this twenty first century you are stay preaching hate messages . The name Kamara is use by Vai, mende, Gbandi Mandingo and the list goes on .So please do not go against Boima Kamara because of his name.

  2. Mr. Jimmy Kuoh’s characterization that Mr. Boima S. Kamara is a Mandingo and ,therefore, a wrong choice for the position of Minister of Finance & Development Planning reminds me of the mindset of many other Liberians that unless they themselves or others they are closed to are the ones that get recognized, no one should get the credit for anything. As a Liberian citizen, is he not entitled to Liberian employment? Should he seek employment elsewhere? This is sad in deed for a country that is ripe in age but inexperienced in a lot of ways. I am proud of Boima’s preferment and such an investment in one of the many young people of this country should be applauded and bastardized. Go on Boima and prove your critics wrong again as I have absolute confidence that you are a sterling example of many among your equals as we strive to foster development and rid our country of the many vices that cripple our path to prosperity as a nation. Bravo!

  3. Jimmy Kuoh, you’re a real liar and for you to make these ridiculous comments is so disgusting and unpatriotic and most of all disrespectful to the presidency. You need to retract those comments

  4. Why Ellen can’t promote the Krahn ethnic group in her government, it is because the late Samuel K. Doe torture her in the cell. i think the Krahn ethnic group is the only tribe that can rule Liberia to the best. i have that trust in them as a leader not a ruler.

    1. Abu Donzon , just read your own post and comprehend the stupidity you have written. What evidence can you provide of your claim about the krahn people ? Please leave the Krahn people out of your senseless post.

  5. Boima is a comrade, an intellectual. .He is a devoted Christian who I have listened to on several occasions preaching God’s while at UL. ..He will sure deliver..Congratulations Boima, smart guy.

  6. Mr Jimmy Kuoh, thanks very much for misleading or liar to the Liberian people I hope you are going to develop your mind next time, by caring out a better research before coming up with such a reckless statement.

  7. Congratulations Mr. Boima S. Kamara for the job well done. To God be the Glory for great things He has done and greater things He will do. I am so proud that we are from the same church (Philadelphia Central Church),and also sing in the choir. May God carry You higher in Jesus Name.

  8. Well I am told that power corrupts well meaning people but I am not sure that goes for (Boima) my senior class president the UL. Please stand firm like the people of old… God bless you brother and congratulations

  9. My people, all I say that research is very good. Enough is enough. Whenever the President does an appointment in the public’s interest, there is always a positive response from the public. Well, Mr. Jimmy Kuoh, go back in your closet, research well and come back with a better post.

  10. That’s a sad limitation. Madingoes don’t carry the name Boima. The name is common among the Gola, Vai, Gbandi, Mende, Dey, etc.

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