‘I’m Out’ Maritime Boss Kesselly Tells President Sirleaf He can’t Continue to Serve Her Government

Washington D.C- The long serving head of the Liberia Maritime Authority, Mr. Binyah Kesselly would not be accepting the renewal of his tenure at the entity when it expires. Kesselly told President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that he would rather move on with his professional pursuit after eight years of service as head of the then Liberia Maritime Commission according to an executive Mansion release issued in Monrovia on Tuesday.

Commissioner Kesselly informed the President that after eight consecutive years of service as head of the entity, he will like to pursue other professional options, though there was no specifics as to what those options are.

The Maritime boss who came under fire for allegedly spearheading the government’s wasteful spending of over US$200 Million in lobbying fees to foreign firms, is son of a former cabinet minister under the late President William R. Tolbert. Kesselly’s father Edward Binyah Kesselly now deceased, served the government in the late 1970’s heading the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. Kesselly was also a founder of the now ruling Unity Party. A close ally of Kesselly, President Sirleaf rewarded his son with the lucrative job in which he has served for eight years plus.

The young Kesselly is the fourth top ranking officials of the Sirleaf administration to quit their respective cabinet positions before it expires in 2017. The first being the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Dr. J. Mills Jones, who retired after his tenure expired early this year. The Minister of Finance Amara Konneh is also leaving the government and taking up a World Bank post in Nairobi, Kenya. Foreign minister Augustine K. Ngafuan also resigned his post late 2015.


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4 thoughts on “‘I’m Out’ Maritime Boss Kesselly Tells President Sirleaf He can’t Continue to Serve Her Government

  1. The maritime is no longer flourishing again, in terms of revenue generation. What to do you expect from a profligater like Binyah, by the way he was once the highest paid government official in Liberia. He drives an over 80,000 Nissan patrol SUV in a poor country like Liberia, just to leave from duport road to 20th street in sinkor.

  2. We like to Welcome the Maritime Boss Mr. Kesselley resignation, but recognize that is over due. Under his leadership the entity has seriously suffered economic and moral challenges. He lavishes the resources of the institution and ignores professional standards. Whimsicalize national matters self enjoyment. After 8 years of his leadership the institution does not have a place to call its own national headquarters, is a shame to this young Liberian. So go ahead and name and shame him…

  3. Unity party will not win the next election. So those people are looking for another way out.That is Liberia.

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